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The Ultimate Immersive Learning Experience For Emergency Medical Training.

What We Do

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive immersive learning service & technology ecosystem that enhances the effectiveness of emergency medical training for both military and civilian teams.

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Mobile Custom Training

Anytime. Anywhere.

Any Conditions


Increase Training Access & Eliminate Logistical Hurdles


Hone Complex Skills, Teamwork & Decision Making


Fortify Knowledge & Gain Crucial Operational Expertise

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Scenario Authoring

Simulation Management

& Analytics Ecosystem


Empower Instructors to Rapidly Scale Accurate & Challenging Training


Deploy & Enforce Command Intent Across Dispersed Teams


Actionable Performance Analytics Quantify Operational Readiness

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AI-Powered Mass Casualty

& Prolonged Care

Decision Support


Optimize Complex Care & Logistics for Multiple Casualties


Automatically Infer & Categorize Patient Injures


Forecast Impending Patient Complications & Conditions

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Our Clients

It is an honor to provide training solutions for hundreds of members across DoD and Civilian emergency medical teams. We are humbled to see interest in SimWerx's solutions spread so rapidly and appreciate all their collaborative support and ideas.

Our Partners

SimWerx works closely with a number of DoD & Civilian medical teams, Universities, and start-up accelerators to rapidly design, develop, and iterate our solutions to fit the priority needs of front-line emergency medical professionals.

Research & Development
  • Regis University Data Sciences

    The Regis University Data Science Department has made Link to Learn’s projects a part of their practicum project , students work with PhD professors to optimize SimWerx’s tech stack in key development areas.

  • UCCS Hybl Sports Medicine & Performance Center

    Use of the Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center has been offered to SimWerx as a site for data capture. The building is outfitted with state-of-the-art motion capture technology and newly constructed cadaver labs.

  • Center for Research in Education and Simulation Technologies (CREST) - University of Washington

    CREST consists of a talented team versed in simulator development, material science, digital animation, mechanical engineering, traditional art, and medical training, eagerly working alongside industry partners and hospital staff of all levels. CREST has created VR surgical trainers, medical mankins, educational software, clinical apps, part-task trainers, simple tissue analogs and helps to conduct validation studies.

Emergency Medical Expertise
  • Denver Health Paramedics

    The Denver Health Paramedic Division is the sole provider of emergency medical services for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to provide professional, compassionate and clinically excellent care to every patient, with every encounter, through a culture of integrity and continuous improvement.

  • Ragged Edge Solutions

    Ragged Edge Solutions is a team of combat-veteran special operations professionals that provide innovative training solutions. We develop and deliver unique and ground-breaking curriculum, courses, and products to government and law enforcement personnel, as well as civilians and civilian emergency organizations. Based on extensive operational experience in some of the worst places in the world, we've extracted lessons learned to tailor custom solutions to fit any need.

Accelerator Programs

    AFWERX is a United States Air Force program with the goal of fostering a culture of innovation within the service. SimWerx has been awarded several R&D contracts for innovation.

  • Capital Factory

    Capital Factory is a venture capital firm and an accelerator that seeks to invest in seed-stage, early-stage, and later-stage companies.

  • Bunker Labs

    Bunker Labs’ mission is to support and convene military-connected entrepreneurs and small business owners. We accomplish this mission by facilitating an action-oriented, member-led network of entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing practical tools and resources, and highlighting inspirational stories that showcase the possibilities and accomplishments of the community.

  • NVIDIA Inception

    NVIDIA Inception is an acceleration platform for AI, data science and HPC startups, providing critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology.

Who We Are

We are team of medical, engineering, and former military professionals with a passion to help save lives through improved training access and effectiveness.

John Chapman
John Chapman
Founder & President
Force Reconnaissance Marine

Visionary Leader

Seasoned Entrepreneur

Connector of People & Big Ideas

Lauren Lipchak
Lauren Lipchak
Vice President
Medical Lead

Medical Science Nerd

Dedicated Educator

Crusader for Knowledge

Adam Chapman
Adam Chapman
Product & Marketing Manager
Design, Development & Marketing

Obsessed with Performant Design

Ardent Technophile

Challenger of the Status Quo

Rich Peoples
Rich Peoples
Project Manager
Force Reconnaissance Marine

The Guy That Gets it Done

Passion for the Mission

Dedication for Excellence

Allie Lanz
Allie Lanz
Sr. Program Director
Marketing Specialist

Production Target Sniper

Devil for the Details

Big Picture Dreamweaver

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