What We Do

Our mission is to create a technology ecosystem that improves patient outcomes, enhances survivability, and optimizes emergency medicine practices for military and civilian teams.

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AI-Powered Mass Casualty

& Prolonged Care

Decision Support


Optimize Complex Care & Logistics for Multiple Casualties


Automatically Infer & Categorize Patient Injures


Forecast Impending Patient Complications & Conditions

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Scenario Authoring

Simulation Management

& Analytics Ecosystem


Empower Instructors to Rapidly Scale Accurate & Challenging Training


Deploy & Enforce Command Intent Across Dispersed Teams


Actionable Performance Analytics Quantify Operational Readiness

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Mobile Custom Training

Anytime. Anywhere.

Any Conditions


Increase Training Access & Eliminate Logistical Hurdles


Hone Complex Skills, Teamwork & Decision Making


Fortify Knowledge & Gain Crucial Operational Expertise

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Our Clients

Through extensive customer discovery, we have developed tailored solutions for the unique challenges faced by our clients in both DoD and civilian emergency medical teams. We are honored by the growing interest in SimWerx's innovative solutions and truly appreciate our clients' collaboration and valuable insights.

Our Partners

SimWerx partners with DoD, civilian medical teams, and academic institutions to quickly develop tailored emergency medical solutions. Our close ties with these organizations keep us aligned with evolving professional demands.

Emergency Medical Expertise
  • Ragged Edge Solutions

    We've joined forces with Ragged Edge Solutions to create a tech-centric proving ground for advanced emergency medical solutions. Marrying data science with real-time analytics, our collaboration is uniquely positioned to validate and bring to market cutting-edge medical technologies.

Accelerator Programs
  • Capital Factory

    We are an innovation-driven portfolio company under Capital Factory, a key venture catalyst with ties to the Department of Defense. Positioned uniquely at the intersection of venture capital and national security, Simwerx leverages this network to focus on developing technologies that have commercial potential and address critical challenges in national defense.

Who We Are

Our diverse team of medical experts, engineers, and former military personnel share a passion for saving lives. We are dedicated to enhancing patient outcomes and survivability through cutting-edge training, research, and development. Harnessing our collective expertise, we work together to deliver innovative solutions that propel life-saving progress in the field.

John Chapman
John Chapman
Business Development & Strategy
Champion of Strategic Innovation

Market Entry Strategist

Master of Building Connections

Lauren Lipchak
Lauren Lipchak
Head of Medical Lab & Contracts
Scientific Research Advocate

Medical Science Enthusiast

Committed Educator

Adam Chapman
Adam Chapman
Lead Designer & Product Developer
Innovative Solution Enabler

Performance Design Aficionado

Avid Technophile

Annie Elliot PhD
Annie Elliot PhD
Principal Data Scientist
Advanced Analytics Trailblazer

Knowledge Pursuit Pioneer

Explainability Advocate

Allie Lanz
Allie Lanz
Product Management & Marketing
Creative Visionary and Execution Expert

Precision-Driven Production Ace

Detail-Oriented Strategist

Rich Peoples
Rich Peoples
Senior Project Manager
Operational Excellence Champion

Task Execution Expert

Unwavering Mission Devotee

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