SimWerx Mobile Cadaver Lab for MedX & Classic Air Medical

January 25, 2022

SimWerx Mobile Cadaver Lab for MedX & Classic Air Medical

SimWerx provided a fully outfitted mobile cadaver lab for MedX Air One & Classic Air Medical in Elko NV as a cost-effective solution to meet the hands-on skill practice requirements for their critical care transport employees. 

MedX has traditionally flown their employees to their corporate offices in Salt Lake City, UT where they partner with a local University to provide cadaveric skills training. The major issue with this approach was getting all of their employees the training while also maintaining staff at each location to cover their emergency transport needs. 

SimWerx solved this issue by providing two separate cadaver labs, each a week apart, right at MedX’s rural division in Elko.  This solution eliminated the need for MedX to have their employees travel and miss out on days of work to maintain their air medical transport certificates. Not only was the mobile cadaver lab approach much more cost-effective, it also allowed MedX to include all of their staff in the cadaveric skills lab.

The SimWerx mobile lab service provides equipment, supplies and cadavers anywhere in the continental United States to support companies that would not normally have access to a cadaver lab in their area.  For this event, the SimWerx team traveled 750mi from Denver, CO to Elko, NV with several cadavers in a refrigerated vehicle, supplies, and personal protective equipment.  We also provided an anatomist to go over a condensed anatomy and physiology course with a fully-preserved and prosected cadaver. 

The lab was set up in the ambulance storage bays of the MedX dispatch building.  Plastic sheets were taped to the floor of the bay where tables were set up for the cadavers and equipment. Three cadavers were set up on three tables end to end across the ambulance storage bay. One table held the prosected cadaver and two tables held skills cadavers. SimWerx setup two additional tables with personal protective equipment and supplies needed to perform emergency medical procedures.

The prosected cadaver allows the students to see the internal anatomy of a human body. This is valuable to emergency medical professionals as they can identify why they are performing certain procedures in the location they are done and the risks involved with missing a landmark. When using external landmarks without being able to see the internal anatomy students do not have the ability to see what may be damaged if that landmark is missed. When a prosected cadaver is used with external landmarks these professionals can see exactly what organs are near the emergency procedures being conducted and why these landmarks are so important. 

SimWerx also provided two specially preserved cadavers with life-like tissue color and consistency for emergency medical skills practice. These cadavers can be used for airway management, intubations, needle thoracostomies, cricothyrotomies, humeral intraosseous lines, and tibial intraosseous lines. While these are among the more common procedures done by critical care transport medics there are many other procedures that can be practiced on cadavers. When practicing these procedures on a cadaver the level of expertise achieved is far greater than one can secure from a classroom or simulated environment. 

This was the first time that SimWerx has supported a lab for MedX and the feedback received was amazing. Both the students and leaders of the Elko location voiced the benefits of the mobile lab over them having to travel to another state just to get training that was similar to what SimWerx brought right to their doorstep. Not only did this solve their issue of not being able to send all of their employees to a cadaver lab, it was also a more cost effective option to train their flight medics and EMTs.