Medic Copilot for Prolonged Care

The Problem

New emerging threats on the battlefield will significantly hinder rapid casualty evacuation. Therefore, warfighters will be required to provide prolonged casualty care for hours or days, not just minutes. The challenge of providing optimal care for multiple casualties with limited resources in austere conditions is immense and could lead to avoidable mistakes.

Our Solution

To mitigate mistakes due to cognitive overload, stress, and complacency, SimWerx is developing Medic Copilot, a turn-by-turn guidance system to help provide optimal care for multiple casualties over long durations.

Medic Copilot will intake patient vitals, diagnostic findings, and charted care. With this information, it will dynamicaly infer next best steps for care, potential underlying patient injuries, and impending patient conditions.

The inferences will be used to prompt and warn the warfighter on existing field deployed patient monitoring devices like BATDOK.

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