REAL-X Simulation Ecosystem

The Problem

Prolonged casualty care training presents specific challenges. It is difficult to scale due to limited qualified instructors. It is difficult to standardize across dispersed teams. It is difficult to capture and reteach hard-won operational expertise.

Our Solution

To improve the effectiveness, scalability, and command control of TCCC/PCC training, SimWerx is developing REAL-X a simulation authoring, management, and performance analytics ecosystem.

The web-based Simulation Authoring App enables rapid creation, distribution, and cross-team sharing of dynamic multi-casualty scenarios.

The tablet-based Simulation Management App has an integrated physiology engine that responds dynamically to Learner skill and decision making over the course of prolonged care for multiple casualties. This enables a wider-array of instructors to conduct more challenging and accurate training.

The Performance Analytics System provides actionable insight for training improvement, interoperability, and progressive capabilities.

REAL-X is launching for test and evaluation in early 2023. Please Contact Us if you would like to beta test and provide feedback.

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